Your Mercy

Pastor Ruben’s series for April 2022 is titled “The Miracle of Mercy”. In researching the various scriptures used for this series and trying to find a song that captures the essence, I found Paul Baloche’s song, “Your Mercy” (video below).

I need to share a little of the “behind-the-scenes” when it comes to selecting songs for our Worship Service. As Worship Minister, it is my responsibility to ensure that our congregation understands the words of the songs we sing and the reason why the song is chosen in the first place. If you listen to Christian radio programs, you will have come across songs that have spoken to your circumstance at that precise moment, allowing you to have an intimate moment with God. Those songs, however, may not be appropriate for corporate church service. To an unbeliever, the words may seem confusing. The topic of the song may be too specific. (You get the idea.)

To select a song for church service, I spend time praying, planning, reading the lyrics, reading Scripture, checking with Pastor Ruben, conferring with the Worship Team, and listening to the song. Music, in and of itself, can move a person to feel emotions, powerful ones at that, sometimes, regardless of the lyrics. This is the main reason I read lyrics first before listening to the song. It is important that the words align with God’s Word before we sing it in service.

This brings me to Paul Baloche’s “Your Mercy”. The Chorus of the song reads:

Your mercy, Your mercy.
I stand before my King, and bow my heart to sing.
You saved me, You raised me.
You died so I could live, no greater love than this,
Your mercy.

As we head into Holy Week and Resurrection Sunday, this Chorus stands out. Jesus says in John 15:13, “No one has greater love than this: to lay down his life for his friends.” Our Savior, the Lord of lords and King of kings, Jesus, gave His life on the cross so that we may live a life saved from Sin. This doesn’t mean we can do whatever our heart and flesh desires. We need to be obedient to God because of what Jesus did for us. Will we make mistakes? Yes. Will we wrong other people? It’s a part of being human. How, then, do we live a worthy life? Continuing to let God grow our faith, letting Him correct us when we stray, being obedient when He commands us, and changing our behavior to match what God wants of us (a.k.a. repentance). The Bridge, or middle section, of the song lends weight to this:

Your loving kindness leads me to repentance.
Your loving kindness leads me to repentance.
Lord, let Your kindness lead us to repentance.
Lord, let Your kindness lead us to repentance.

We should be suffering the death Christ went through because of our Sin to God. By accepting Him as our Savior, His death covers our Sin. Christ’s kindness should then lead us to change the way we think and behave.

I hope that Paul Baloche’s song “Your Mercy” ministers to you. I pray that Christ’s kindness leads all of us to repentance. We deserve the death Jesus received. It is God’s mercy that will allow us to stand before our King and bow our hearts to sing. Hallelujah!

To God be the glory!