Online Ministry Breaks 19,000 Followers

Online Ministry Breaks 27,000 Followers

This time last year we had around 600 followers on Facebook between our two pages. As of June 2nd, we have over 27,000. To put that into perspective, more people follow us on Facebook than live in Deming! (pop. 14,758 )

Last year we reached over 800,000 people with messages about Jesus! Which is amazing! But this year we’ve reached over 1,000,000 by March! At this rate we could reach over 6,000,000 by year’s end. That’s 3 times the population of New Mexico!!

These people aren’t just tuning in. They’re reaching back. We receive hundreds of comments, and prayer requests, and Biblical questions each week!

And we’re just getting started. We have plans in place to start turning this crowd into a congregation. We envision a future where SVCC has an online campus with over 1,000 members serving people across the country 24 hours a day!

The hands and feet of Jesus are active online. The Word of God never returns void.

The online community is a part of our community, and we’re committed to reaching them for Jesus.