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So much of what I know I learned through imitation. Sometimes the lessons are surprising. For the most part biking is a solitary event. You can ride with others, but in the end no one can push the pedals for you. Last Saturday I found myself riding behind a fella that looked like he was…


The Tenebrae worship service occurs during Holy Week and practiced since medieval times, and is designed to be a prolonged meditation on Christ’s suffering that includes readings, music, silence, and gradual darkness, culminating in anticipation of Christ’s ultimate victory.

Your Mercy

Pastor Ruben’s series for April 2022 is titled “The Miracle of Mercy”. In researching the various scriptures used for this series and trying to find a song that captures the essence, I found Paul Baloche’s song, “Your Mercy” (video below). I need to share a little of the “behind-the-scenes” when it comes to selecting songs…