Refresco for July 10-16

This is my first attempt to reintroduce/share with you some weekly thoughts that just won’t fit in Sunday’s message. For those of you who may be new to SVCC or may have forgotten what our weekly “Refresco” is (to be refreshed), my hope and prayer is that you take a few minutes each week to study and reflect over the questions I am providing for you to prepare your heart and mind for the week’s sermon.  May the Lord bless your time and efforts as you go deeper into His Word!

As I mentioned this past Sunday, John is known as the “Apostle of love”.  Out of 221 occurrences of the word “love” in the New Testament, 42 (or nearly 20%) occur in 1 John 1-5.  Even though John’s epistles are some of the shortest books of the Bible, his first letter contains more mentions of “love” (36 times) than does any other book in the entire Bible, except for one: only the book of Psalms contains more references to “love”.  So, for good reason, these epistles (letters) have contributed to John’s reputation as the “apostle of love.”

It’s been said that your reputation precedes you. That phrase is simply shorthand for someone to say to you, “I’ve never met you, but I already know about you from the opinions of others.” So, with that said, “What is it that you are known for by others?”

Before you jump into this study, STOP and take a moment to:

-CONFESS any known sin and then pray asking the Lord to speak to you as we study 1, 2 and 3 John together. 

-COMMIT to Him to be faithful to the weekly “Refresco” and Sunday teaching.  

Now READ 1 John 1:1-4.  (As you read it, pay close attention to “key” words and make a note of them.)

The apostle John is mentioned 30 times in the books of Matthew, Mark, Luke, Acts, and Galatians. John also is the main character in his own Gospel and also in the book of Revelation, which is customarily attributed to him. What do you know about John, his life, and his personality from previous study of the New Testament?

Apart from the apostle Paul, John was probably the most prolific writer among the apostles. He left us a Gospel, three Epistles, and the book of Revelation. Which of these have you read, studied or heard sermons about? What general themes or impressions do you associate with John’s writings?

Of the 12 disciples, John was one of the three (along with his brother Peter and James) who were closest to Jesus and spent the most intimate time with Him (read more: Mark 5:37; 9:2; 14:33). John was also the disciple sitting closest to Jesus at the Last Supper (John 13:23-25), the only one of the 12 who was present at the crucifixion, and the one to whom Jesus entrusted the care of and for His mother, Mary (John 19:26-27).  If you could ask John one or two questions about his experience with Jesus, what would you ask him? What do you hope to learn from him in these three epistles?

Words of Importance:

  • Atonement -The reconciliation of a person with God, often associated with the offering of a sacrifice. Through His death and resurrection, Jesus Christ made atonement for the sins of believers. His death satisfied God’s just wrath against sinful humanity, just as OT sacrifices symbolized substitutionary death (Jesus died as a substitute for humans, taking on their sins and guilt, and giving them His righteousness)  as payment for sins.
  • Sanctification: The process of being conformed to the image of Christ through the work of the Holy Spirit. The process begins immediately after regeneration (the sovereign work of the Holy Spirit who produces new hearts in those who have been saved) and continues throughout a Christian’s life.
  • ApostleMeans “one who is sent” and refers to one who is an official representative of another. In the NT, it refers specifically to those who Jesus chose to represent Him.

Enjoy this week’s “Refresco” (Mid-Week Refresher) and I look forward to our study on 1 John 1:1-4 this Sunday!

-Some excerpts from 1-3 John “A Twelve Week Study” by Michael LeFe