So much of what I know I learned through imitation. Sometimes the lessons are surprising.

For the most part biking is a solitary event. You can ride with others, but in the end no one can push the pedals for you.

Last Saturday I found myself riding behind a fella that looked like he was ready for the Tour-de-France. Everything about this guy said that he was a serious cyclist. Frankly, I was amazed that I could keep up. But with 5 miles left on the ride, he stood up on the pedals and took off like a shot. Without even thinking, I took off too!

We were holding a break-neck pace – passing everyone in sight. Part of me thought, “this is crazy! You’ll never be able to keep this up for 5 miles.” But another part of me thought, “let’s see just how much gas I’ve got left in the tank.”

To my amazement, I held the pace. No paramedics were needed. And while there was no prize to be won, I felt really good about myself as I loaded my bike for the trip home.

That’s part of what Paul meant when he wrote 1 Corinthians 11:1. We’re often capable of far more than we think. Sometimes we just need someone to imitate. Sometimes it helps to have someone else set the pace.

Who’s the most Christ-like person you know? Follow them. Imitate them. Allow the Holy Spirit to use their example to make you even more like Jesus.