There is a wide-open door for a great work here, although many oppose me.

1 Corinthians 16:9

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Over 200 million Americans are unchurched.[ref] 2.5 million more leave the church each year. [ref]

People aren’t wandering into churches anymore as a first step to answering their questions. They’re Googling. They’re asking their friends. But more and more, their friends don’t know Jesus.

10 states have less than 10% evangelicals, and 8 have less than 5%. [ref] Alabama has the highest percentage of evangelicals in the U.S. with 42%. But that leaves 58% that don’t know Jesus in Alabama. [ref] And every other state is worse.


We can help. We can reach people all over the U.S. from Facebook.

But the lost and unchurched aren’t trying to find Jesus on Facebook. They’re trying to connect. They want to feel like their life matters. They need a friend.

They aren’t trying to find a church on Facebook. They want to find a like-minded network. They need a community.

This is where we come in. We Follow Jesus on Facebook. We do what disciples do wherever they go. We make friends, and love neighbors, and praise God. We encourage the meek and comfort the hurting. We pray for each other and share scripture. We tell others what Jesus has done for us. That’s it. Then we wait on God to bring us together and form a community.

Because, when God forms community around the Gospel of Jesus, a church is born.

The lost and unchurched on Facebook don’t need an online church to look or function like a physical church. They need a Christian community to care for them and help them follow Jesus.

A Facebook church campus is not a virtual building where people meet. It’s an always on, always open, disciple making network. It’s not a place people go to “do” church. It’s a community where people “become” the church wherever they are. It’s not interested in gaining and retaining members. It offers all it has to all who come for as long as they stay.