Bring Me A Musician

“‘Now, bring me a musician.’ While the musician played, the Lord’s hand came on Elisha.” (2 Kings 3:15) [CSB]

Moab’s Rebellion Against Israel (2 Kings 3)
• Israel: (v. 1-3)
Descendants of Jacob AKA Israel
King Joram
• Moab: (v. 4-5)
Descendants of Lot’s son, Moab
King Mesha
• Judah: (v. 6-7)
Descendants of Jacob’s son, Judah
King Jehoshaphat
• Edom: (v. 8-10)
Descendants of Jacob’s brother, Esau AKA Edom
• Elisha: (v. 11-19)
Protegé of the prophet Elijah

Perspectives for Today
• Israel:
In trouble, needs help
• Judah:
Helping a friend, too big a task
• Edom:
Along for the ride, not my fight
• Elisha:
Overwhelmed, reluctant to help
Listened to God’s Word (1 Samuel 16:23)
• Moab:
Rebellious, looking to destroy God’s people

Growth Opportunities

  1. When you need help, reach out!
  2. When you feel overwhelmed, seek Godly counsel!
  3. When God provides for and protects you, praise Him!