Scipture: Luke 5:1-7

Peter had had a long night. He and his brother had toiled and had nothing to show for it. They didn’t get paid by the hour. Either they caught fish, or their families went without. And on this night they didn’t catch fish. So they got busy washing their nets so they could finally go home and get some sleep.

Then Jesus showed up and asked to use the boat. I wonder how Peter felt about that. I’m not always happy when I have to work late unexpectedly. But if Peter wasn’t happy, he didn’t show it.

After Jesus finished teaching the crowd, he asked Peter to put his net back in the water. But this is a bigger deal than it seems. You see, their nets were probably the second most valuable tool they had. Only the boat was more important. They couldn’t simply put them away wet and dirty. They had to wash them and dry them each day, and the job was nearly done. If they lower the nets again, they have to wash and dry them again. And there is a reason why they fish at night. The fish are closer to the surface and within range of their nets during the darkness. During the day they move too deep. But even though it made no sense, and even though it meant more work, Peter obeyed. And Jesus performed a miracle.

Whatever you’re going through today that has brought you to Jesus for help is a blessing no matter how it looks right now. Whether it is financial hardship or illness or whatever else, if this has forced you to place your trust in Jesus then you have been blessed. But if you want to see the miracle you’ve got to obey.

This is only a guide.

Our desire is that you would use this “guide” to lead you into deeper study.

  1. Pastor says that we are all fishing for different things in life. What are you fishing for today?
  2. Jesus asked Peter to use what he had to serve. What is Jesus asking you to give today?
  3. What Jesus has asked Peter to do doesn’t make sense. Is God asking you to step out in faith too?
  4. After the miracle, Peter and the others followed Jesus. Are you more interested in God blessing you or in following the blesser?

Bonus Questions:

  1. What is keeping you from letting Jesus in the boat in every area of your life? What prevents you from admitting you need help?
  2. What has God told you to do that you are not doing?