GET ACQUAINTED: In your opinion, which of the five senses would be the worst to lose?

SCRIPTURE: (Acts 9:1-22 ) Focus: Paul’s conversion.

Open your time together with prayer. NOTE: This is only a guide! Feel free to select the points you want to discuss and adapt them to your needs.

OBSERVATION: What we have in our text today is one of the most dramatic conversions mentioned in the Bible. God took a man who was determined to annihilate Christians to one of the most prolific writers and preachers of the New Testament. Paul wrote the majority of the New Testament. Only God can do that!

While the church was growing rapidly, Saul, the Pharisee, was trying to destroy it. But God had other plans for Saul and dramatically turned him from a persecutor of the people of “The Way” to work for the kingdom of God and not against it.

Maybe your conversion experience was not as dramatic, yet the same God that saved Saul is the one who saved you and me.

The Bible says in, Romans 5:10 [NIRV], “Once we were God’s enemies. But we have been brought back to him because his Son has died for us. Now that God has brought us back, we are even more secure. We know that we will be saved because Christ lives.”

“Once we were God’s enemies.” Honestly, I never thought of myself as an enemy of God, yet that is what the Bible says we are before coming to faith in Him. Thank the Lord that, “We know that we will be saved because Christ lives.”

We Learn Three Things From Paul’s Conversion Experience:

1. God is able to convert the most unlikely of persons. (vv. 17-18)

God’s grace is amazing! His grace is available to ALL regardless of how sinful we are. Who do you know that had a dramatic conversion experience?

If you were Ananias, how would you have reacted when God told you to go and lay hands on Saul?

§  “I'll lay hands on him all right — both of my hands!”
§  “This is a dream, right God?”
§  “God, don’t you know who this is?”
§  “I guess I’ll do it if you want me to.”

2. When God converts a person, there are always inevitable evidences.

In what area of your life have you seen the most change since you committed your life to Christ?

§  My priorities
§  My beliefs
§  My relationships
§  My goals
§  My attitudes
§  My values
§  My devotional life
§  My habits and lifestyle
§  Other: __________________________________

3. God uses converted people as His chosen instruments in the cause of the Gospel.

What did Saul do immediately after he received his "sight"? What did you do immediately after receiving Christ? Has that become a regular occurence with you? If not, why not? What can you do to get back to "your first love?"

Personal Application and Commitment: Pastor Ruben gave us a list of nine things in his message on Sunday that are evidences of our conversion: conviction, humility, recognition of the Lordship of Christ, obedience, transformation, prayer, community with other Christians, life lived under the power and control of the Holy Spirit; and new purpose/direction in line with God's will. How many of these require attention in your life? What is God asking you to do?