Start with Why!

“Come, follow me, and I will show you how to fish for people!” (Matthew 4:19 )

            As we start this journey together let’s start by answering a simple question. Why? Why would you and I want to follow Jesus in the first place. Wanting to go to heaven – or not wanting to go to hell – will only get you so far.

When Jesus called Peter and his brother Andrew he said this, “Come, follow me, and I will show you how to fish for people!” (Matthew 4:19 ) Let’s break that verse down to see why you and I want to follow Jesus in the first place.

Come, follow me,

Jesus is calling you to follow him just like Rich Young. (Mark 10:17-22 ) It can be scary. It might cost you everything. But the reward is great! And you’re going to lose everything anyway. We can’t take it with us.

...and I will show you

It is possible to love following Jesus because you can have an actual relationship with him! Dead dudes can’t show you anything! Good thing Jesus isn’t dead! He’s alive and well and you can have a relationship with him that is absolutely just as real as you can have with me, or with your brother, or sister, or friend. He didn’t say I’ll have some other folks show you stuff because He was going to be too busy ruling the universe and all. He said He would show you.

Don’t miss this one. This is the money and don’t quit until you get it. If you look for him you will find him. And if you don’t feel it at first then don’t give up. Just keep digging in. (Deuteronomy 4:29 ) Jesus said we should knock and keep on knocking and the door would be opened for us. (Matthew 7:7 ) So, bang on that door! This is what it’s all about! The creator of the universe loves you and wants to be your friend! Think about this. Everything else will be lost. You can keep nothing from this life. It doesn’t matter if you become the Queen of China or the King of Saipan or something. This life is short! Jesus is eternal and so are you. And your relationship with him will be eternal too.

...how to fish for people!

We need you, just like you need us. Your brothers and sisters in Christ need the gifts that God has given you. We need the love you have, and we want to show you our love in return. Even better, there is a whole world out there that needs you too. People who don’t know Christ that desperately need to know him, and Jesus is planning to use you to save some of them. Does that freak you out? It certainly scared me. But here’s the thing. Jesus is going to show you how to do it! And guess what… he does all the work. You just have to be willing to go fishing with him.

We’ll dive deeper into this one later, but seriously. When Jesus asks you to share with someone he will give you the words to say. We study his Word, and he uses what we learn so that we can be a part of the process. But we aren’t really doing anything. Jesus saves people. He just takes along for the ride because it’s fun. Seriously! There won’t be a single person who doesn’t go to heaven because you don’t share with them. Jesus would never let one of his children be lost because another one of his children fell short. The pressure isn’t on you. All you have to do to learn to fish for people is go where Jesus leads you and do what he tells you. You’ll see!

Until next time,